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I have 10 years of experience in editorial, transcription, editing, press releases, and more. My goal is to provide you with outstanding content to make your website, portfolio, publication or social media truly stand out!


I am the former Editor-in-chief of Tech Fashionist Magazine (now Tech Focus Magazine) , and was  Senior Writer at Chic Metropolitan Magazine. I was also a freelance publicist at MRK Photography and gained much content writing and SEO experience as a writer for Cozymeal, Inc.


In addition to my position as a contract content writer at Spot On Creative, I manage the Instagram account for San Francisco Wallpaper, which I rebuilt from scratch. 

*All graphics for MRK Photography were designed by me 


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Here you will find my featured online and print work, press releases, and web content:

  • Rows 1-4: Pieces I have written for Chic Metropolitan Magazine.

  • Rows 5-6: Articles I have written for Tech Fashionist Magazine.

  • Rows 7-10: Press releases  I have composed for Chic Metropolitan Magazine.

  • Rows 10-17: Marketing content I have written for MRK Photography, Ashley Chloe, Cozymeal, Inc., and Spot On Creative. Additionally, a celebrity interview may be found as the final inclusion.

Stormy Simon Interview
Pagani Huayra
Tech & Business
Naval Ravikant Interview
Carlo Cisco Interview
Ari Kalfayan Interview
Hermès Online Article
Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 3.56.40 PM - Edited12 - Edited
Tim Dahl Interview
Palo Alto Wine Room feature
The Algorithm of Attraction
'Designers In Tech' Interview
'Movies & Tech' Interview
'Designer in Tech' Interview
Press Release: Chic Halloween Party
Press Release 'Power of Women'
Chic Metropolitan XMas Press Release
Press Release: Varvatos Party
Press Release: 'Billionaire Issue'
Cover Celebrity Accouncement
Press Release 'Billionaire' Cover
Press Release: Fashion Show
Press Release: Halloween Party Recap
Press Release - 'Jetsetter' Issue
L.A. Swim Week 2017
NYC Fashion Week SS 2018
FINAL - MRK Photography - Rain_Danish Gi
Promotional graphic for NYCFW
Promotional Graphic for LA Swim Week
Promo Flyer Oct '17
Fashion Blog Post for Ashley Chloe
Helix Cuff
Interview with Chef Bahr
Cozymeal App Copy
New American Cooking Classes
Sicilian Dinner
Spot On Creative
Spot On Creative
Celebrity Interview
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